Re: What's up with Vintage TV?? or lack thereof


Tony and Shaw, why are you still broadcasting this channel as it NO longer exists...I spoke at length to a Shaw rep and was told there is nothing that they can do and that Shaw is ONLY a distributor of a signal and bares no responsibility for what that signal is. This is a very poor attitude for a telecom giant like Shaw to have, and even Tony on here was completely unaware that the channel was gone... surely there has to be SOMEONE monitoring your content? or do you rely solely on customers bringing things to your attention??

In any event this channel 140 in Winnipeg called Vintage TV is off the air as of October of this year, so instead of running this infomercial that has nothing to do with this channel perhaps replace it with something else.

I don't like the idea that I'm paying for a non channel and an infomercial.Please look into this Shaw and maybe post a sticky notification on this forum indicating the truth.

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