Retrieving PVR recordings from Motorola DCT6416III


Hello, I had an old Motorola DCT6416 PVR that I used to record various shows. It appears back in September they somehow blocked our ability to retrieve the recordings. When we try to get to that menu, it says, "this feature is being restored and will be available shortly", but that's been a while and no luck? Any suggestions how to access the recordings? I know they said they are no longer supporting these 'legacy' boxes, but didn't know that meant they would block the ability to use it.


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Hi there! Thanks for reaching out! We regret to inform yo...


@cableguy_not Hi there! Thanks for reaching out! We regret to inform you that there is no option to move or transfer recordings from one box to another. If the model of cable box you have has been retired, meaning, this box is not compatible to be used in our current network architecture anymore, thus, some features may not work or some functionalities may become inaccessible. You are eligible for a replacement box that is for sure. You should reach out to our support specialists for a replacement box. Furthermore, here's the guide on how you can recycle the retired box. Hope this helps! πŸ˜Š

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-- from: Shaw Legacy Cable Box Upgrade  the DCT6416 was r...

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@cableguy_not -- from: Shaw Legacy Cable Box Upgrade  the DCT6416 was retired on August 5, 2021.

In Calgary, the DCT3416 will be retired on November 25, 2021 -- late next month.

Also, for the DCT6416  ---  "national retirement (estimate): April 2022" -- about 6 months from now.

Did you upgrade to the BlueCurve TV box? Shaw says that you cannot have a "legacy" device (DCT...) and the BlueCurve active on one Shaw account. Probably, not a "technical" issue, but a "management policy", if you ask me.




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