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When I switch to watch Netflix everything is fine but I have lost the shaw icon on the bottom of the screen to switch back to tv. In search I type in shaw or shaw cable and I get nothing. I have to disconnect the tv box and from the tv to reset. Do I need to download shaw onto my computer to display the icon on my smart tv? If so , how do I do it? I need help.

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-- does your smart-TV have a WiFi or Ethernet connection...

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@Dora2 -- does your smart-TV have a WiFi or Ethernet connection to your cable-modem?

Does your smart-TV have the Netflix app on it?

Your smart-TV has multiple inputs, e.g., HDMI#1, HDMI#2, and wired/wireless from your cable-modem.

Use the TV's remote control (or the Shaw remote control) to select the "input" (or "source") that you want to become the "active" display onto your TV's screen.

You may want to press "stop" on Netflix, to prevent "autoplay" from showing consecutive programs that you will not see when watching TV.



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