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I can't find a place to put this, and it's not a question, but here it goes anyway!

I have been a Shaw customer since they took over from Rogers in the lower mainland. Other than a few glitches with telephone support waits, I am pleased with the service I have had over the years.

This note is to specifically say how great Shaw Techs, those guys in the blue trucks, do their jobs. My experiences are always good. They are what keep me a Shaw customer. When they roll a truck, the people that come are knowledgeable, have a sense of humour and are courteous. They are also one of your best imparters of what's coming down the line insofar as services. 

They are all about quality of signal, which in turn impacts EVERYTHING else you get from Shaw. My most recent adventure was because of a signal drop (in a newer location with infrastructure less than 10 years old. When the tech came, (I have all available residential services), he determined I was barely receiving adequate signal to run my 3 uhd boxes and 2 portals, internet 600 and phone. He did all the juggling he could, replaced some bits of hardware and connectors etc. - everything he could do within existing parameters. He said what really needed was a second drop and he would put in a work order. Within 2 weeks two new techs arrived, and proceeded to install the new drop(s) - they were great too! Pleasant, well informed and knew their stuff. in spite of the conduit, they managed to run two new lines and resolve my problems... Again, nice people, and best representatives for Shaw.

All 3 of these people were Shaw employees, not contractors, who certainly have a role/purpose, but not for the fancy stuff.

All of this is essentially to say thanks, to the techs, and for the excellent service. This is what keeps me a happy customer, staying with Shaw as long as this level of service continues!

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Hey rolyat77,

Thank you for the awesome kudos to our technicians!!! I am very happy to hear about the amazing experience you have continued to experience


Tony | Community Mod. 

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