Tech tried installing BlueSky to replace my Gateway system. Was unable to get signal from BlueSky to TV. Is the long run of HDMI cable causing signal loss?


I have a 30ft run from the Gateway to my Samsung TV that is currently hanging over my fireplace. To keep the installation clean and not show any wiring, I ran an Ethernet HDMI extender using Cat 5e cables to wall plates. From the plates are the HDMI cables that connect to the Gateway and TV. System works fine with the Gateway and I have been running this for 3 years. Last week I had a Technician come over to install BlueSky and the TV cannot display the picture coming from the BlueSky receiver.

Tried bypassing the existing cable run by connecting the Bluesky to the TV with a different HDMI cable to the TV and works fine. Can the signal be degraded so much on the existing cable run that it would require a signal amplifier/booster? Has anyone come across this? I'm willing to purchase an HDMI signal amplifier and reschedule an appointment for the Bluesky installation if I know this will work. Just don't want to waste any more time if this won't work.

Any help or feedback would be great and thank you in advance.

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