television does not have a picture


Televisions downstairs both work fine. Upstairs television has no picture. 

Remote control works for dvd player but when we try to access HDMI 1 where the television is accessed - no picture.

Have checked the connections on the remote box from the wall outlet and from the box to the tv - all are tight. 

What to do next? 

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-- presumably, you have some Shaw "box" upstairs between...

Grand Master

@awpangman -- presumably, you have some Shaw "box" upstairs between the wall-socket and your TV.

Can you move that box downstairs, to connect it between a "working" wall-socket and the downstairs TV? If so, and it works, then the possibility is that the wall-socket upstairs is not connected (inside your walls) back to Shaw's "demarcation" box at the outside of your house.

That "demarc" box has one "input" coaxial-cable (from the nearest telephone-pole), and multiple coaxial "output" cables running to various wall-ports in your rooms.  Maybe, the coaxial-splitter inside that box is not connected to one of those "output" cables ???



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