welcome home year free crap


As part of my rental I was offered 1 year free with shaw on a two year contract. I not only double checked when making the apt to have shaw installed but again with the tech who installed it. I was trying to be proactive and make small payments as a single mother so when It did come to having to pay I would have money on it. I had a 400 dollar credit and then one month it was gone! I called to talk to them about it and they explained my free trial was over (5 months in) and that they charged for the first and next month. when I mentioned it is supposed to be a year free and it hadn't even t been 6 months I was told the welcome home department would have to handle it.  I have since called 5 times talked to multiple people and always get the same answer they will call me back. In the mean time they have taken over 600 dollars and I dont have service... I see no resolution but always excuses from shaw and and tired of dealing with the run around rip off. 

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