Will newly upgraded Shaw channels be added to cable?

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I always look forward to learning of what channels Shaw's satellite carries in HD. A bunch more have been upgraded in October, with a few more recently. Now, the wait is on for Shaw to carry these on their cable system. PQ is so much better that, for me, I hardly watch SD. So to add to the list above, from Shaw Broadcast Services, here are: 


CPAC HD, BBC Canada HD, Independent Film HD, TSC HD, World Fishing Network HD, Dejaview HD, GSN HD, WSBK HD, KTLA HD, PBS Spokane HD, Documentary HD, PBS Buffalo HD, Miracle HD, ONE HD, Investigation Discovery HD, Nickelodeon HD, AMI TV HD, Disney Jr. HD, MTV2 SD, Makeful HD, and Vision HD. Also launched were BC Legislative Assembly Channel HD, Telelatino HD and Leafs TV HD. 


Shaw is catching up. Now to see them actually available, especially to those of us who receive only the SD versions of many of these channels.

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Re: Will newly upgraded Shaw channels be added to cable?


Hey dxer,

Thank you for reaching out! Unfortunately, I don't have any details to when/if those channels will be added to our Cable side. I will recommend submitting a channel request here to generate more interest for them!


Tony | Community Mod.

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