Learn about the hardware features, specifications and what the light sequence means on the Motorola SBV 5220 Digital Phone Terminal. Your Home Phone service is delivered to your home through a Digital Phone Terminal (DPT). On this page, you will find information that will help familiarize you with your Motorola SBV5220.

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Motorola SBV5220 Phone Terminal - front

Learn about the various light sequences mean on the Motorola SBV5220 Phone Terminal.


Motorola SBV5220 Phone Terminal


Solid Green Light: the unit is receiving power.


Solid Green Light: the downstream channel is connected.


Solid Green Light: the upstream channel is connected.


Solid Green Light: the phone terminal is online.


Indicates a connection to a computer on either the Ethernet or USB ports. This functionality is disabled.

Telephone 1/2

Solid Green Light: Indicates that the phone is connected and is currently "On-hook" (not in use)

Flashing light indicates the line is currently "Off-hook" or in use


Solid Orange Light: Indicates that A/C power is available. If flashing, this indicates that the Digital Phone Terminal is operating using battery power.


When lit, this light indicates that the phone terminal is in standby mode. This feature is disabled and not applicable to your phone service.

Motorola SBV5220 Phone Terminal - rear view

Here are some additional details and connection features of the Motorola SBV5220 Phone Terminal.

Rear View
Motorola SBV5220 Phone Terminal back view
Telephone Jack Connects the Phone Terminal to a telephone or telephone jack.
Ethernet Connects the Phone Terminal to an Ethernet equipped computer or third-party device (router).
USB Connects the Digital Phone Terminal to an external device. The USB port on the Phone Terminal is disabled.
Reboot EMTA
When held down for 15 seconds, this button will reset the Digital Phone Terminal.
Cable Connects the modem to the cable outlet using a coaxial cable
Power Connects modem to the power supply
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