This article tells you everything you need to know to connect your Ignite Doorbell Camera (Wired)TM. If you're also installing an Ignite Indoor/Outdoor Camera (Wired)TM, visit How to install and activate your Ignite Indoor/Outdoor Camera.

What you'll need

You'll need a Shaw ID, a WiFi connection, and the Ignite HomeConnect (Shaw) app (Apple App Store | Google Play Store) to connect your new doorbell.

If you don’t have an existing wired doorbell system with a required voltage of 16-24v, you’ll need to contact a qualified electrician to complete the wiring process before being able to complete your Ignite Doorbell Camera setup.

Included in your kit

doorbell-camera.png angled-bracket.png wall-bracket.png chime-kit.png screws-anchors.png terminal_screw.jpg


Doorbell camera Angled bracket Wall bracket Chime kit Screws and anchors Terminal screw


Not included in your kit

You may need additional tools and supplies to complete your install, such as:

  • Drill or impact drill
  • 1/4” masonry drill bit (if drilling through masonry)
  • #2 Phillips screwdriver
  • Mallet or hammer
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Ladder or step stool
  • Silicone sealant to seal the area around the doorbell against moisture

Before you begin

Warning: It is your sole responsibility to comply with all local laws, regulations, and applicable building codes. Work safely. Follow the tool manufacturer’s instructions and other recommendations on best safety practices. Do not drill in wet conditions or sub-freezing weather. Take care to not drill through existing cables and wires. For a complete list of terms, visit

Before you begin, make sure you have a WiFi connection and the Ignite HomeConnect (Shaw) app installed on your mobile device.

  1. Confirm that your existing doorbell works by pressing the button and listen for the chime.
  2. Locate your chime box and doorbell transformer.
    • The doorbell transformer is typically located near the electrical panel or inside/near the chime box.
    • The chime box is where the sound for your doorbell comes from. It’s usually located in a high-traffic area on a wall.
    • Note: if you cannot find your chime box, you can ring your current doorbell and follow the sound to locate the chime box.
  3. Determine how your current doorbell is powered.
    • This doorbell camera is designed to replace an existing wired doorbell.
    • If your system uses batteries only, it is NOT compatible.
  4. Confirm your doorbell wiring meets voltage requirements. Your Ignite Doorbell Camera needs a voltage between 16-24 volts (VAC) 20VA.
    • If you have questions regarding your doorbell wiring’s voltage, contact a licensed electrician.

How to install your chime kit

Follow these steps to install your doorbell camera chime kit.

  1. Launch the Ignite HomeConnect (Shaw) app to follow along with the in-app prompts to install your chime kit and doorbell camera.
    1. Download the Ignite HomeConnect (Shaw) app. (Apple App Store | Google Play Store)
    2. Launch the app and sign in using your Shaw ID and password.
      • New Shaw ID: To create a Shaw ID, tap “Don’t have a Shaw ID?” In the Ignite HomeConnect app or create one at You’ll get an email to activate your Shaw ID. Select Activate now, then launch the Ignite HomeConnect app and sign in.
      • Already have a Shaw ID: If you don’t remember your credentials, select Forgot your Shaw ID or password? to recover them.
    3. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on in your mobile device settings.
      • For Android devices: You may be asked for location permissions and services, which are required to complete the pairing process.
  2. In the Ignite HomeConnect app, select the Home tab at the bottom of the screen, then select the plus sign (+) icon in the top right corner to add a new device.
  3. Select Ignite Doorbell to get started.
  4. Turn off the power to your doorbell: determine which breaker controls your existing doorbell and chime and turn off the power. If you are unsure what circuit the doorbell breaker is on, turn off the main breaker to your home, then try ringing the doorbell to make sure the power is off.

    Warning: Installing your doorbell while the power is on may result in severe injury and/or damage to your doorbell.

  5. Remove the chime box cover; you may need a screwdriver to do this. Remove any batteries, then check how many wires are connected to the terminals.
  6. For setups with two wires (most common):
    • Loosen one terminal screw halfway and hook a wire from your chime kit around the terminal screw on top of the existing wire and tighten the terminal screw. It does not matter which wire you use. Repeat this step for the other wire.
  7. For setups with three wires, check that the wires are labeled Front, Trans, and Rear. (If wires are labeled any other way, contact a licensed electrician.) You will only connect to 2 terminals.
    • Loosen the Front terminal screw halfway and hook a wire from your chime kit on top of the existing wire around the terminal screw  labeled Front and tighten the terminal screw. Repeat the same step for the wire and terminal screw labeled Trans.
  8. Place your chime kit inside the chime box.
    • You can use the tape on the chime kit to attach it inside the chime box, making sure it is not touching the bells. If there isn’t enough space, you can attach it to the wall next to your chime box. 
  9. Replace your chime box cover: you may need a screwdriver to do this. Once completed, you will be able to install your doorbell.

Not comfortable installing? Let us help! If at any point you’d rather switch to a Pro Install, you can contact us at 1-888-472-2222 to set up an appointment. Additional charges may apply.

How to install your Ignite Doorbell Camera

Use these steps to install your doorbell camera.

  1. Unscrew your existing doorbell from the wall and disconnect any attached wires. You may want to use tape to keep the wires from falling into the wall.
  2. Remove the metal trim plate from the Ignite Doorbell Camera.
  3. Determine if you should install the standard wall bracket, or if you would benefit from adding the angled bracket under the wall bracket to provide a better field of view. The angled mount will tilt your camera 15 degrees left or right to either optimize your field of vision or avoid reflective surfaces.
  4. Position the wall bracket or angled bracket and mark the screw placement. If you're using the angled bracket, make sure it's tilted in the direction you want. Make sure the arrows printed inside the bracket are pointing upwards and that the doorbell wires can feed through the hole in the center of the bracket.
  5. Install the bracket(s) according to the type of material you are installing on:
    • For wood or vinyl: with the doorbell wires threaded through the center hole of the bracket(s), use a screwdriver to twist the screws through the bracket(s) and into the wall. Be careful not to over-tighten as the bracket may crack.
    • For plaster, stone, brick, or stucco: using the wall bracket, hold the bracket against the wall to mark where the pilot holes will go. Set the bracket(s) aside. Using a drill, drill the pilot holes for the wall bracket using a 1/4” masonry drill bit. Use a hammer or mallet to gently tap the included wall anchors into your pilot holes. The wall anchors should be flush with the wall. Next, thread the doorbell wires through the hole in the center of the wall bracket(s). Then use the screwdriver to twist the screws through the bracket(s) and into the wall anchors. Be careful not to over-tighten as the bracket may crack.
  6. Using a #2 Phillips-head screwdriver, loosen one terminal screw halfway on the back of your Ignite Doorbell Camera, slide one of your doorbell’s wires behind the screw and tighten. Repeat for the other wire and screw (any wire can connect to any screw).
  7. Tuck the excess doorbell wires back into the wall. Starting from the bottom, snap the Ignite Doorbell Camera into the bracket(s).
  8. Tighten the screw at the top of the wall bracket. Use a #2 Phillips-head screwdriver to tighten the screw at the top of the wall bracket. Make sure there are not any gaps between the doorbell and the wall bracket, but be careful not to over-tighten.
  9. Add the metal trim plate. Starting from the bottom, snap the trim plate onto the doorbell.
  10. Go back to your electrical panel and restore power to your doorbell and chime box. If you turned off the main breaker to your home, to prevent a possible power surge we suggest you:
    • Turn off all the breakers before switching the main breaker back on,
    • Turn on main breaker,
    • Then breakers can be turned back on one at a time.

Note: You will be solely responsible for placement of cameras. We will not be responsible for replacement of cameras, or any other loss associated with camera placement. Don’t point cameras in places or areas where individuals may have a heightened expectation of privacy. Terms of use.

How to activate your doorbell camera

For a screen-by-screen walkthrough of what you'll see in the Ignite HomeConnect (Shaw) app, check out: Setting up your Ignite Doorbell for the first time (iOS, Android).

  • Check the light on the front of your Ignite Doorbell Camera to see if it’s ready to be activated.
    • If the light is blinking white: You’re ready to continue following the prompts in the Ignite HomeConnect app to pair your doorbell.
    • If the light is blinking amber and red: The doorbell does not have enough voltage. Contact a licensed electrician for assistance.
    • If the light is off: Make sure your doorbell has power, check your circuit breaker, and try again. If your doorbell isn't wired correctly, contact a licensed electrician for assistance.
  •  Using Bluetooth, the app will pair your Ignite Doorbell Camera and connect it to your home’s WiFi network.
    • Hold your phone within a few feet of the doorbell to ensure successful pairing.
  • Once your Ignite Doorbell Camera is connected, you'll be prompted to name your doorbell. You may want to name it based on where you've installed it, such as “Front door.”
  • Continue to follow the in-app prompts to customize your Ignite Doorbell Camera experience, enabling features like optional 24/7 continuous video recording, 2-way voice communication and motion notifications.
  • You’re all set!

Need support?

Support for activating your equipment is available from 7am-9pm PT, seven days a week. Contact us at 1-888-472-2222.

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