There are two ways to watch video feeds or recorded clips with Ignite Self Protect. The first is through the Ignite HomeConnect (Shaw) mobile app, and the second is from your Ignite Entertainment Box. To watch recorded video clips from your Ignite Self Protect cameras, you need to turn on 24/7 Video Recording.

Note: Recordings are stored for 7 days and are not recoverable past that period. If you want to keep them longer, you can download recorded clips to your mobile device.

How to watch camera feeds from the Ignite HomeConnect app

For a screen-by-screen walkthrough of what you'll see in the Ignite HomeConnect (Shaw) app, check out: Viewing 24/7 Video Recording footage (iOSAndroid).

Follow these steps to watch video from your security or doorbell cameras on your mobile device.

  1. Open the Ignite HomeConnect (Shaw) app (Apple App Store | Google Play Store) on your mobile device.
    • Sign in with your Shaw ID and password if you're not already signed in.
  2. Select the Home tab at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Select the thumbnail of the camera feed you wish to view.
  4. Select the video clip you wish to view based on the timestamp and motion type (People, Pets, or Vehicles).
    • You can filter by motion type to narrow down the clips further.

Did you know? You can download video clips for permanent offline usage. Find out how by checking out how to download recorded clips from the Ignite HomeConnect app.

How to watch camera feeds from your Ignite Entertainment Box

Your home security video clips can be viewed from your Ignite TV or Ignite Streaming set-top box. You can watch on your TV, but downloading clips is only available through the Ignite HomeConnect (Shaw) app on your mobile device.

Follow these steps to watch video from your security or doorbell cameras on your TV.

  1. Turn on your Ignite TV or Ignite Streaming set-top box.
  2. Say “Cameras” into your voice remote.
    • You can say the name of a camera to go directly to that feed (e.g., Front Door).
  3. Select the motion type you wish to filter by, or select “All Events” to see all types.
    • You can narrow this to a specific camera by selecting the feed from the top row.
  4. Select the desired clip to view it on your TV screen.
    • You can also skip directly to clip types by saying the type of clip in your voice command. (e.g., “Show me Vehicle clips”).

Note: The live video feed and saved clips are only accessible with voice commands. Visit About Ignite TV voice control to learn more.

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