BlueCurve Home is a digital dashboard to manage your home WiFi network and connected home. You can self-connect and set up your WiFi network in minutes, find your WiFi password, know who's online, and troubleshoot issues. Plus, manage family members' online experiences with features like Pause and Parental Controls.

If you're a Shaw Internet subscriber with a Fibre+ Gateway, you can access the BlueCurve Home experience at no additional cost with our mobile app.

Setting up and using BlueCurve Home

Follow the steps below to access the BlueCurve Home mobile app.


How to get the mobile app

  • Download the free Shaw BlueCurve Home app (Apple App Store or Google Play).
  • Sign in with your Shaw ID username and password.

Supported Mobile Operating Systems

  • iOS 14 or later and Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or later are supported. 
  • Windows phones and Amazon phones are not supported.



If you get an error saying “We encountered an issue”:

Third party routers do not support BlueCurve Home.

Features of BlueCurve Home

BlueCurve Home has several features to help you easily personalize, control, and secure your home network. See How To: Navigate the BlueCurve Home app for an overview of the app layout, or check any of the guides below to learn more.

WiFi Setup & Personalization

Personalize your home WiFi network

View and change your WiFi network name and password in a couple easy steps using the BlueCurve Home app. Visit How to change your WiFi name and password with BlueCurve Home to learn more.

Create and manage profiles

With profiles, you can group devices together for better control of your home network. See How to manage people and profiles with BlueCurve Home.

Notification Centre

View and manage all your past network notifications from BlueCurve Home. Visit How to view and manage notifications in BlueCurve Home to learn more.

Share Your WiFi

Share your WiFi with ease with BlueCurve Home. Visit How to share your WiFi from the BlueCurve Home app to learn more.


Parental Controls

Set up Parental Controls

Turn on Parental Controls to ensure a safe online experience for everyone in your home. Additionally, you can control Internet access on a schedule of your choice with the Downtime Scheduler.

Pause Internet access

Quickly control Internet access for any device on your home network. See How to pause Internet access with BlueCurve Home for more information. With the Downtime feature, you can pause access for multiple devices based on a schedule.

Monitor and manage active time

Turn on Active Time Limits to manage daily online activity by user profile. Turn on Active Time Details to monitor supported app and website use by user profile.

Device Controls

Manage devices

Personalize and organize the devices in your connected home. This lets you easily identify devices on your network, view network activity, pause Internet access, and more. Visit How to personalize and manage devices with BlueCurve Home to learn more.

Smart Home device controls

Control smart home devices including lights, thermostats, and plugs from from your BlueCurve Home app. See How to control smart home devices with BlueCurve Home for full details.

Activate Shaw WiFi Pods

Set up and activate WiFi Pods with ease from the BlueCurve Home app. Visit Setting up and activating Shaw WiFi Pods to learn how.


Network, Troubleshooting, & Security

Check your network activity

View Internet activity for your entire home, or for individual devices and profiles with an easy-to-read visual graph. See Learn how to check your network activity with BlueCurve Home.

Troubleshoot your home network

Check your WiFi modem status and fix connectivity issues. See How to troubleshoot your home WiFi network with BlueCurve Home to learn more.

Configure advanced network settings

Easily access advanced settings such as Port Forwarding through the app. See Learn how to configure Advanced Settings in BlueCurve Home.

Protect your home network against online threats

BlueCurve Advanced Security adds an extra layer of security to your home network. Read about BlueCurve Network Security to learn more.

Access live chat support

Need help or have a question for us? Just click the question mark in the top right in the BlueCurve Home app and you'll be connected to chat support in seconds. See How To: Reach live chat support with the BlueCurve Home app to learn more.

Internet Health

Perform connectivity tests to confirm the connection health of any device or to all connected devices on your home network. See How To: Check Internet Health with BlueCurve Home to learn more.

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