Need to pause Internet access in your home? Use our frequently asked questions to learn about how the downtime scheduler feature works in Ignite HomeConnect.

Downtime scheduler FAQ

What is the downtime scheduler and how does it work?
Downtime scheduler is a feature in Ignite HomeConnect that allows you to automatically pause Internet access over your home network during scheduled times.

To set a downtime schedule in Ignite HomeConnect: Select a profile, open the profile settings, and then select Create a Downtime Schedule. Choose an icon to help identify the schedule, and then set the desired days and times.

How can I set a downtime schedule for a single device?
If you have a single device you'd like to set a downtime schedule for, create a profile in Ignite HomeConnect and assign only that device to the profile. Then, set a downtime schedule for that profile.

I don't see the option to set a downtime schedule. Why is that?
Downtime schedules are available for custom profiles you've created that have devices assigned to them. They are not available for the included Household and Guest profiles in Ignite HomeConnect. Be sure to create a profile and assign devices to it before setting a downtime schedule.

Learn more about how to create custom profiles in Ignite HomeConnect.

Why is my iPhone or iPad not following the set downtime schedule?
See Why isn’t one or more of my profile features (profile pause, scheduled pause, active time limits, pa...

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