Persistent high temperatures can be very damaging to electronics. If temperatures reach a certain threshold, internal components can be damaged, and shorten the lifespan of your Gateway. You should periodically inspect and remove dust from your Ignite WiFi Gateway to help maintain its performance and reliability.

Note: Before using a compressed air can and a microfibre cleaning cloth to remove dust from your Ignite WiFi Gateway, please disconnect the power cord and unscrew the coax cable from the back of the modem.

Common symptoms of overheating

Some of the most common symptoms of overheating are:

  • Dropped connections
  • Slower speeds
  • General unreliability
  • Ultimate hardware failure

How to prevent your Ignite WiFi Gateway from overheating

  • Place your Gateway in an elevated location on a flat surface and in an open area with free airflow around it (not in any closets or cabinets as they have no/poor ventilation).
  • Make sure your Gateway is not too close to any source of heat (heaters, fireplaces).
  • Pro Tip: Circulate the air around your Gateway with a fan.
  • Do not place your Gateway on top of other electronics or stack anything on top of your Gateway.
  • Periodically use pressurized air (ex. compressed air can) to remove dust buildup on the vents (back & bottom on Ignite WiFi Gateway (Gen 1) and top & bottom on Ignite WiFi Gateway (Gen 2 and Gen 3).
  • Pet hair is easily caught in the intake vent and fan of your Gateway. If you have pets, please pay special attention to your pet's accessibility to your Gateway since many will appreciate its warmth and lay next to it or on it. Also consider using compressed air to clear the air intake vent more frequently.

Things you will require

  • Ignite WiFi Gateway (Gen 1, Gen 2, or Gen 3)
  • Compressed air can/air duster
  • Microfibre cleaning cloth

To remove dust from your Ignite WiFi Gateway

  • While following the use directions provided with your compressed air can, aim directly at the vents (back & bottom on the Ignite WiFi Gateway (Gen 1) and top & bottom on the Ignite WiFi Gateway (Gen 2 and Gen 3). That should dislodge the dust that is blocking the Ignite WiFi Gateway airflow.
  • We recommend using a microfibre cloth for a quick wipe down.
  • You can now screw the coax cable and reconnect the power cord to your Gateway.
Ignite WiFi Gateway (Gen 1) Ignite WiFi Gateway (Gen 2 and Gen 3)

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