Find frequently asked questions about Ignite WiFi Pods (Gen 1 and 2) (formerly known as Shaw WiFi Pods) below.

What are Ignite WiFi Pods?

What are Pods and how do they work?

WiFi Pods are WiFi extenders that work with your Ignite WiFi Gateway (formerly known as Fibre+ Gateway) and Ignite HomeConnect App (formerly known as BlueCurve Home App). They ensure wall-to-wall WiFi coverage in any home, and are easily activated on your home network using the Ignite HomeConnect App.

Pods are small enough to fit into the palm of your hand, and each device plugs into an electrical outlet and works as an extension of your Gateway's network. As devices join your WiFi network and move around your home, they will stay seamlessly connected.

How do I know if I would benefit from using Pods?

If you have rooms in your home with poor WiFi connectivity due to a weak or inconsistent WiFi signal, then Pods may be a good solution. Pods help extend the range of WiFi coverage in your home to hard-to-reach areas, or areas with poor WiFi signal. They are not intended to provide the maximum speed of your Internet speed tier throughout your home.

What's the difference between Ignite WiFi Pods (Gen 1) (formerly known as BlueCurve Pods) and Ignite WiFi Pods (Gen 2) (formerly known as Fibre+ WiFi Pods)?

Ignite WiFi Pods (Gen 1) are the first version of our WiFi Pods. Ignite WiFi Pods (Gen 2), our second version, offer improved WiFi range and speed. Learn more about Ignite WiFi Pods (Gen 2).

Renting WiFi Pods

Do I need Pods to receive the best WiFi coverage in my home?

No, Pods are completely optional. In many homes, all you need is the Ignite WiFi Gateway to deliver fast and reliable in-home WiFi speed and coverage. If you have rooms in your home with poor WiFi connectivity due to a weak or inconsistent WiFi signal, then Pods may be a good solution as they can help eliminate dead spots and provide better coverage.

Which modems are compatible with Pods?

Pods are only compatible with the Ignite WiFi Gateway.

How can I get Pods?

You can order Pods online at or by contacting a Shaw agent.

How much do Pods cost to rent?

Visit for the latest on pricing and availability for WiFi Pods.

Do Pods come with a warranty?

Ignite WiFi Pods are currently only available as rentals, therefore there is no warranty, but we can offer replacement if troubleshooting determines the rented Pod is at fault. If you experience any issues with your rented pods, please contact us.

Previously purchased Ignite WiFi Pods (Gen 2) come with a 1-year warranty.

How can I return my Pods?

Please contact us to make arrangements for returning your Pods.

How many Pods can I get?

A maximum of 6 Ignite WiFi Pods (Gen 2) or 3 Ignite WiFi Pod (Gen 1) 3-packs (9 Pods in total) per account.

How are Pods different from WiFi extenders?

Pods create a mesh WiFi network, which provides several key benefits that WiFi extenders do not, including:

  • Greater range of coverage throughout the entire home.
  • Simple install and activation, and central management of your entire WiFi network using the Ignite HomeConnect App.
  • An adaptive WiFi network that automatically connects your devices to the best possible access point in the home.
  • Pods work seamlessly with your Ignite WiFi Gateway and your existing WiFi network. Extenders usually create their network which you'd have to decide to connect to separately.
  • WiFi extenders help extend the WiFi signal further out from your router; however, due to their limited range, they will not extend WiFi coverage throughout the entire home.

Why are Ignite WiFi Pods (Gen 1) only offered in sets/packs?

Pods are designed to work in sets to help ensure that WiFi coverage is extended to every corner of your home. Although some homes may only have one area with poor WiFi coverage (also known as a "dead spot"), simply installing a pod in that area will most likely not address your coverage issues.

Your first pod needs to be placed in an area with a strong WiFi connection.  A good rule of thumb would be at least one room separating it from your Gateway (within approximately 20 to 30 feet). Then, your remaining Pods should be evenly spaced from each other into outlets throughout your home, close to the areas where you currently have poor coverage. Additionally, a true mesh network can only exist if there are multiple paths and connections between the Pods and Gateway.

Can I share a set of Pods with a friend or family member?

No. If a friend or family number would like Ignite WiFi Pods (Gen 1 or 2), they should contact Shaw to qualify and authorize the addition of rental equipment.

Installation Instructions and Tips

How do I install and activate my Pods?

Pods are easy to install - no technician is needed. Once you order your Pods, you will receive a Self-Install Kit with simple instructions on how to activate your Pods using the Ignite HomeConnect App.

Once you begin activating your Pods with Ignite HomeConnect, you will be provided with easy-to-follow on-screen instructions. For more information, visit Setting up and activating WiFi Pods.

Can I have a Shaw technician come and install Pods for me?

No, this is not available. Pods are designed to be self installed and can be easily setup using the Ignite HomeConnect App.

Can Pods be placed outdoors?

No. Pods are not meant for outdoor use and should not be placed outside of your home. To extend WiFi coverage to an outdoor location, place one of your Pods in an inside wall outlet that is closest to the outdoor area where you would like to extend WiFi coverage.

Do I have to use all of the Pods that come in the set?

No. Simply plug in the pod(s) that you want to use, and when activating your Pods via the Ignite HomeConnect App, select All Pods Ready to Go. On the following screen, select Not Using All Pods. After activation, the unused Pods will show as Offline in Ignite HomeConnect, and can be setup later whenever you'd like.

How to use your WiFi Pods

Do I need to manually connect my devices to each Pod for WiFi access?

No. Once the devices has joined your home WiFi network, they will automatically connect to the best WiFi access point, whether that is your Gateway or Pods.

Why do I no longer see the 2.4 and 5 GHz radio band names of my network?

Pods require that you only have one WiFi network name and password. Your network still has both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz radio bands, but now your Gateway will sort out the best connection at any given time for your devices.

How can I tell if my Pods are working?

You can check the status of your Pods by going to the Connect section of Ignite HomeConnect and selecting See Network. If a pod is offline, it will be indicated here and you can follow troubleshooting steps. If the pod is online and working, it will have a green status.

What if I want to change the physical placement of the Pods in my home after they are activated? Do they need to be reactivated?

No. They will be plug-and-play! Once you have active Pods, you can relocate any number of them once the initial optimization period is over (approximately three days—a notification will be sent to your phone when it's complete). The optimization period doesn't necessarily start over. However, the mesh network will take a little time to readjust based on usage and the new placement.


Why did some of my devices lose connection to my home WiFi network once I activated my Pods?

You may have previously had a separate WiFi network name and password for your 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WiFi networks. Pods require that each of your network names and passwords be the same, so that all of your devices can seamlessly connect to the network that will provide the best WiFi signal at any given time.

You should have been notified if your network names and passwords were different when you activated your Pods. The WiFi network name and password previously used for the 2.4 GHz WiFi network should now be the WiFi network name and password used for all of your devices, unless you changed it. Make sure all of your devices are connected using the current WiFi name and password for your home network.

Why can I no longer have different WiFi network names and passwords for my 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WiFi networks?

Pods require that you only have one WiFi network name and password, so that all of your devices can seamlessly connect to the network that will provide the best WiFi signal at any given time.

What can I do if all my Pods are online, but I'm still having WiFi issues?

If you're getting WiFi coverage in areas of your home where there was once no or limited connectivity and none of the Pods are showing as offline, then the Pods are doing their job. If you're experiencing connectivity issues that are limiting your ability to perform specific functions (Such as streaming video), you may benefit from using the Troubleshoot a Device function in Ignite HomeConnect, or try one of the following:

  • Connect your device via ethernet to a pod or your Ignite WiFi Gateway.
  • Move a pod(s) closer to your Gateway or another Pod.
  • Rent additional Pods.
  • Disconnect your device from your in-home WiFi network and then reconnect it.

My device is right next to a pod, so why is it connecting to a different pod in another room?

In a WiFi mesh network, the best connection point for a device may not always be the one that's closest to it. Pods communicate with each other and the Gateway to monitor the number of devices connected in the home, their location, and the type of WiFi connection that each device needs.

This ensures that your device is operating with the best signal. Think of it the same way that your GPS directs you to an alternate route to get you to your destination faster when there's too much traffic on the main road.

I did not activate all of the Pods that came in the set. Is there a way I can remove the Pods from Ignite HomeConnect so that they are not showing as offline?

Yes. In the Ignite HomeConnect App, go to Connect, select See Network, choose the Pod that you want to remove, then choose Remove Pod. Visit How to manage WiFi Pods on your home network for more detail.

Why is the light on my pod flashing?

A flashing light means that the Pod either hasn't been activated, or is not connected to your Ignite WiFi Gateway. Double check that you've followed the activation steps here: Setting up and activating WiFi Pods  If the Pod is still not connecting, read How to fix WiFi Pods offline for additional troubleshooting steps.

How can I fix an offline pod?

If a Pod is offline, it will be indicated in the Connect (Network) section of the Ignite HomeConnect App. Select "Help Me Fix It" in the app for troubleshooting steps. For more information on how to fix an offline Pod, visit How to fix WiFi Pods offline.

What if I accidentally pause WiFi on my own device/profile? 

There are three things you can do if you have paused WiFi on your own device:

  • Wait until the chosen time window expires (if applicable)
  • Switch to mobile data (if applicable) to unpause your device in the app
  • Log into the app/site on an alternative device that is either not paused, or on mobile data to unpause your affected device


What do I do if I receive a notification regarding a firmware update?

If you have received a notification it is important to connect your pod(s) by the date indicated. If your pods are already connected and online no further action is necessary. If the date has already passed please contact us.

Pods and Internet Speed

Will Pods provide maximum Internet speeds throughout my home?

Pods are not intended to provide the maximum speed of your Internet speed tier throughout your home. For example, if you have a speed tier that provides download speeds up to 300 Mbps, Pods will not provide that speed throughout your home. Rather, Pods will allow you to connect in areas where you could not previously connect to your in-home WiFi.

Pods will not exceed the maximum provisioned speed of your Shaw Internet tier of service. Ignite WiFi Pods (Gen 1) have a maximum throughput of 50-75 Mbps over a WiFi connection while Ignite WiFi Pods (Gen 2) can expect between 150 Mbps and 400 Mbps depending on the plan. Other factors can affect speeds.

What factors can impact WiFi speeds when using Pods?

In order to help extend your WiFi connection, Pods need to communicate with a wireless connection to your Ignite WiFi Gateway and, depending on their location, they may "hop" through other Pods on their path to get there. The number of "hops" the pod needs to make to the Gateway will impact the speed.

Regardless of whether you are using Pods, your Internet speed is limited to your speed tier, and Pods will not increase that speed. In addition, a number of other factors affect Internet speed, including your connection type (Ethernet vs. WiFi), the number of devices in use, the age of your device, site traffic, content provider server capacity and internal network factors. For more information, see How To: Optimize your WiFi experience.

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