Starting July 21, 2023, we will begin reaching out to Shaw Mobile customers who have not yet transferred their mobile service to Rogers as part of the next phase of our migration campaign.

Since our previous phase kicked off on June 6, we’ve been sending marketing emails to current Shaw Mobile customers to encourage them to switch their service to Rogers via phone/chat or in a Rogers retail location. We’re now ready to introduce a new approach that will make the process simple and easy by providing customers with a service transfer kit via Direct Mail that includes a new Rogers SIM card.

Customers will also be advised of a service end date for their Shaw Mobile account. They will need to complete the transfer process prior to that date to avoid any service interruptions, as their lines will be auto-migrated to Rogers on that date if they don’t take action

This change in approach is designed to drive more urgency and increase the number of migrations we’re completing on a week-to-week basis, as well as ensuring customers are aware that this is a mandatory transition.

Similar to previous phases, Shaw Mobile customers can migrate their service over to the Rogers coast-to-coast mobile network while keeping their same mobile number(s) and paying the same plan price they do today.

Once moved to an equivalent plan, Shaw Mobile customers will immediately begin enjoying the benefits of being connected to the Rogers mobile coast-to-coast network at no additional cost. What’s more, the migration to an equivalent plan will also come with a five-year price guarantee effective until April 3, 2028.

In advance of transfer kits being delivered to customers, they will receive an email from Rogers with the details of their Rogers mobile equivalent plan and pricing. This email includes a copy of their Wireless Service Agreement, the Rogers Terms of Service, Acceptable Use Policy, and Privacy Policy.

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