Learn how to troubleshoot error XRE-09015 on Ignite (formerly BlueCurve) TV. This article provides insight into some basic troubleshooting tips to fix error code XRE-09015 on Ignite TV. Find additional TV troubleshooting tips for Ignite TV for these common error codes.

Error message

On-screen message:

"Would you like to use your remote to control your TV? Your remote isn’t set up for control of power, volume, or input. Press Set Up Now to control your TV or audio device. XRE-09015."



This error may occur when the Ignite TV remote setup was not fully completed.

Troubleshooting tips

To troubleshoot this error:

  1. Manually pair the remote.
    • On your remote, press and hold the Setup button.
    • Release the setup button when the LED at the top of the remote change from red to green.
    • Press and release the Shaw button.
    • Follow the on-screen instructions to re-pair your remote.
  2. If the error still occurs, speak with a support representative.
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