Learn how to view channel information in the Ignite TV (formerly known as BlueCurve TV) guide. You can jump directly to a specific channel in the guide instead of browsing to the channel with the arrow buttons. You can search and jump directly to channels using the voice commands with the Ignite TV Voice Remote.

How to view channel information in the Ignite TV guide

Follow these steps in order to view specific channel information from within the Ignite TV guide.

  1. Press the Guide button on your remote control to open the listings guide.
  2. Navigate to the desired channel within the guide. 132693_bluesky-tv-guide-channel-disney-xd


  3. Use the left arrow to highlight the channel name/number/logo and press OK on the remote. 133324_Screen%20Shot%202016-12-21%20at%209.39.39%20AM


    Choose from the following options:
    • Choose Watch to watch the channel.
    • Choose Record to set up a manual recording.
    • Choose Favourite to add the channel to your favourites list.
    • Choose Channel Info to view a list of upcoming programs on that channel.
    • Choose Lock to lock the channel via Parental Controls.  The "Lock" option only appears if Parental Controls is enabled. 133352_Screen%20Shot%202016-12-21%20at%209.40.39%20AM


  4. Press the up arrow to get back to the Guide (with channel name still highlighted) then press the right arrow to highlight the program listings again (default guide state).
  5. Press the Exit button on the remote exit the Guide.

You can also view channel information from the Mini Guide. After accessing the channel listings, use the up arrow button to highlight Channel Info and press OK on the remote.

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Video Tutorial: How to Use the Guide on Ignite TV

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