Learn more about the Ignite TV (formerly BlueCurve TV) features and icons that are part of the Ignite TV guide.

PVR Features

Ignite TV contains all of the features that you are used to seeing on a PVR and then some.  Here is an overview of some of the common features of Ignite TV:

Record a Program – you can record your favourite programs easily with Ignite TV.  To record a program:

  1. Press the Guide button on your remote control and highlight a program.
  2. Select the Record button on the remote control or select the Record options on the program’s info panel.
  3. Select Just this episode and the recording will be set.



Recording Options:

  • Record a Series
    • Record all episodes of a program.
  • View Recent Recordings
    • See which programs have been recorded on Ignite TV.
  • Modify the Start or Stop Time of a Recording
    • Extend the start or stop time of a recorded program.
  • Watch a Recording
    • When your recorded programs as many times as you want, when you want.
  • Delete a Recording
    • After you have watched it.
  • Delete All Recorded Episodes of a Series
    • To delete all scheduled episodes of a series from your Ignite TV recordings list.
  • Recover a Recording
    • Recover a deleted program that resides in the Recently Deleted area at the bottom of the Recording section of the Saved menu in the Ignite TV guide.
  • Cancel a Recording or Series Recording
    • Easily cancel a recording that you no longer wish to record.
  • Set a Manual Channel Recording
    • You can set a manual recording when you need to manage the length of time that a specific channel is recorded.
  • Sort Recordings and Purchases
    • Easily sort recorded episodes and purchases that are in the Ignite TV guide.
  • Prioritize Recordings
    • Set the priority of recordings based on the ability of Ignite TV to record up to 4 programs at once per Ignite Entertainment Box or TV Player.

PVR & Recording Tips

Use these tips and resources to optimize your PVR experience.

If you have deleted a program recording it can be recovered until the TV box's disk fills up and the program is automatically deleted, or until it is removed permanently. You can use voice commands with the Ignite TV Voice Remote to instruct Ignite TV to record a program.

Additional Resources

PVR Icon Legend

Ignite TV features all of the common control options that you would expect to find on a personal video recording device. Within the Ignite TV Guide, you will see icons associated with your PVR recording options. Here is an overview of the PVR icons that are part of the Ignite TV guide:

Record Icon Record Series Icon Will Not Record Icon Will Not Record Series Icon Soon to be Deleted Icon
Record Record series Will not record Will not record series Soon to be deleted


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