Tuning errors display when your Ignite (formerly BlueCurve) TV experiences difficulties tuning to a channel. This article provides insight into some basic troubleshooting tips to fix these tuning errors.

Check the Service Outages & Updates to learn about outages that may be affecting your area. If there is no service outage, continue with the troubleshooting steps below.

Tuning errors

These are the most common error codes you might see while using Ignite TV. Click any of the error code names in the left column for detailed information and troubleshooting tips.

Error Code Cause
XRE-03062 This can happen when there is no show/event playing on PPV, including Sportsnet Companion Channels and NHLCI.
XRE-03121 May be caused if your account is overdue, please log into myshaw.ca to check the status of your account.
 XRE-03044 The TV Player will often display this error during the standard daily reboot process. Once the TV Player reboot has completed, picture will resume on the TV's. By default, the standard daily reboot window is 2:00AM - 4:00AM local time, however, this is a setting that can be modified by customers.
 XRE-03056 If this error code appears on a Pay Per View (PPV), Sportsnet Companion, or NHL Centre Ice Channel, there may be no scheduled broadcast at the time.
 XRE-03059 See the troubleshooting tips below.
 XRE-10007 See the troubleshooting tips below.
 XRE-00021 See the troubleshooting tips below. 
 XRE-03097 See the troubleshooting tips below.


Troubleshooting tips

If you've ruled out a service outage in your area, try the following:

  1. Change the channel, then change back to the original channel.
  2. Reboot your Ignite TV devices. Read How To: Reboot your Ignite TV Player.
  3. Contact us for assistance.
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