Learn how to fix common issues with Netflix on Ignite TV (formerly BlueCurve TV) by using these basic troubleshooting tips.

Cannot see Netflix on Ignite TV

If you can't see Netflix content on Ignite TV, or the Netflix App is missing from your Ignite TV menu, follow the steps below to restore the app.

  1. Reboot your TV Player (XG1v3).
  2. Confirm that the Netflix App is available in the Ignite TV menu:
    1. Press the Shaw button on your Ignite TV remote.
    2. Select Apps.
    3. The Netflix App will now be visible under the Entertainment section.



Netflix App on Ignite TV is frozen or unresponsive

If the Netflix App on Ignite TV is frozen or unresponsive, follow these steps to reset it.

  1. From the Ignite TV interface, press the A key on your Ignite TV remote control.
  2. Scroll to the right and select Reset Netflix151979_pastedImage_1


  3. Select Reset Netflix on the next prompt to confirm. 151980_pastedImage_2


  4. An All set confirmation message will appear. Select Restart Netflix to open the Netflix App.
  5. If this does not resolve the issue, please Reboot your Ignite TV Player.
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