Learn how to access and view detailed program information in the Ignite (formerly BlueCurve) TV guide. Undecided on what to watch? Use the Ignite TV Guide to access additional details about TV shows, movies, and sporting events.

Using the Main Guide

Follow these steps to access program details in the main guide.

  1. Press the Guide button on your Ignite TV remote.
  2. To view program information, use the arrow buttons to highlight the program in the Guide.
    • Program information displays at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Highlight the TV listing or program that you would like more information on 132517_hgtv-test%20Screenshot%202016-12-09%2014-39-43


  4. Press the OK button on the remote to access options to:
    • Watch the program (if it is on right now)
    • Episodes
    • Record the program or cancel previously set recording
    • Remind – to set a reminder
    • See Other Times that the program is on
    • View Series information (for series programs)
    • For Movies, the options available are:
      • Watch
      • (Restart) is available if the movie is available On Demand
      • Record the movie or cancel previously set recording
      • Other Times
      • Movie Info
  5. Press Exit, to exit the guide.

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Using the Mini Guide

You can also view program information from the Mini Guide.

  1. Access the Mini Guide by pressing the right arrow button on the remote.
  2. Use the up or down arrow to find the channel that your desired program is on. To jump to a specific channel, enter the channel or search for the channel name. 133389_Screen%20Shot%202016-12-21%20at%201.58.12%20PM


  3. To view the program listing for the channel you have selected, navigate to the channel and press the right arrow again. 133417_Screen%20Shot%202016-12-22%20at%2011.11.43%20AM


  4. After highlighting the program, press Info on the remote to access the options to:
    • Watch
    • Episodes
    • Record
    • Remind
    • Other Times
    • Series Info
    • For movies, the options that will appear include:
      • Watch
      • Restart
      • Record
      • Other Times
      • Movie Info 133455_Screen%20Shot%202016-12-28%20at%2010.52.04%20AM


  5. Press the Last button to return to the Programs listings.
  6. Press Exit to exit the Mini Guide.
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