Move your Shaw services to your new home. Get your TV, Internet or Phone services ready for your move because it should be easy to stay connected.

Let us know when and where you're moving, and we'll help make moving as easy as possible.

Set up your move

Visit our Moves page to get your move started, you can leave us your details and we'll give you a call back or you can message us online. It's best to give us a couple weeks notice if possible. 

Be ready with:

  • Your new address. Inform us of any special considerations (newly built house, apartment with a utility closet). Not sure if Shaw services are available at your new location?  Check to see if Shaw services are available in your area.
  • Dates. The day you're leaving the old address and the day you need services connected. We can book up to 6 weeks out from when we chat.
  • A phone number to get in touch with you during the move.

Moving Checklist

Looking to move your Shaw services to a new address? Be prepared for your move; grab a copy of the Shaw Moving Checklist. To make moving Shaw services as easy as can be, we've put together a checklist to make sure everything goes smooth.


Click above image to download the Shaw Moving Checklist PDF.

Feel free to keep a copy of the checklist on your phone, or print it out to bring with you. Small things are easy to forget on the big day, let's make sure you have all the essentials covered.

Installation tips

Prepare for your install - whether you've opted for a professional install, or your new home is able to be Self-Connected, let's make sure everything is easy on the day you're getting connected.

Professional Installation

  • Sign up for SMS text arrival reminders and updates, including when the tech is on their way!
  • Unpack your Shaw equipment where you want it connected.
  • Don't block outlets with furniture.
  • Ensure someone over 18 is home for the duration of the installation.


  • Pack up your Shaw equipment with all the cords for easy set up later.
  • Visit for set-up instructions for the equipment you bring with you.
  • Feel free to visit our Self Connect page for more instructions on activating any new equipment.
  • Enjoy your services being ready when you are.

Need to upgrade your service?

New home, new you. What you had before may not be the right fit for your new place. In most moves you can just bring your old equipment and services over, but you're free to consider and upgrade:

Going to be working from home? Make sure you're on the right internet plan.

Want the newest and shiniest gadgets for your new place? Visit one of our retail stores for Smart Home products.

Need a new mobile line for a new city? Shaw Mobile is looking bright.

No better time for a change than when you're already unplugging everything. Visit our offers page for more plans and ask about new programming and equipment when you chat online.

Moving Services FAQ

Can I connect my equipment at the new address myself?

  • Most addresses allow for TV and/or Internet customers to Self Connect their equipment. There's multiple factors like the location and equipment, so we'll figure it out when we schedule your move.

How far in advanced should I book my move?

  • 2-4 weeks (or more) notice is recommended to ensure we can schedule the exact time and date that works for you.

What are the different ways can I schedule my move?

  • Visit for our contact options. You can schedule a callback, or message us online.

What will happen with my bill?

  • The only real difference you'll see on your bill is the new address. For a seamless transition we recommend making sure you're on eBill.

Can I make changes to the appointment after I book it?

  • If you need to move your move, we'll move. Changing services usually requires rescheduling - so, if possible, go over your bundle and make any updates during the initial booking.

What if I need to cancel services? 

  • We're sorry you're looking to go. Cancellation of service must be done with the account holder or fully authorized person. Visit or contact us at 1-888-472-2222.

How do I check to see if I can get Shaw services at my new address?

  • You can enter your address at to see if your new area is serviceable. Check our full guide for serviceability.

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