The My Shaw app is full of features that will help you access and get the most out of your Shaw services. You can use it to chat with tech support, pay your bills, and manage your products wherever you are. The My Shaw app is a great tool for accessing your Shaw account information and for getting support when you need it. You can download the My Shaw app on your mobile device (Apple App Store | Google Play Store).

View your account summary

You can use the My Shaw app to easily review your account information. The app's home screen provides a summary of your services and account information including:

  • account number
  • current balance
  • payment due date
  • Internet usage
  • Shaw Go WiFi devices
  • BlueCurve TV devices

View and pay your Shaw bill

You can use the My Shaw app to easily pay your Shaw bill.  From the home screen, tap the Billing tab to:

  • view your current bill
  • view past bills
  • make payments with a credit card
  • see your transaction history
  • add a credit card to your account
  • manage automatic payments
  • mange your eBill settings

Manage Internet settings

You can use the My Shaw app to manage your Shaw Internet settings. The home screen displays your Internet plan, data usage, and data limit. Tap Manage Internet and you can:

  • view past Internet usage
  • add devices to Shaw Go WiFi
  • remove devices from Shaw Go WiFi
  • view Shaw Go WiFi usage
  • add and remove Shaw email addresses
  • change Shaw email passwords

Manage your BlueCurve TV settings

If you are a BlueCurve TV subscriber, you can tap Manage BlueCurve TV to:

  • configure parental controls
  • remove devices from your account
  • launch the Shaw BlueCurve TV App

Browse support articles

Need some support for your Shaw services?  You can use the My  Shaw app to access our inventory of support content.  Tap Support in the menu bar to search Shaw Support articles and get answers to your questions about setup and troubleshooting on the go. Tap Internet, TV, Phone or Billing & Account to see the top viewed support article for each section. 

Chat with customer service

Sometimes you may need to contact us.  One of the easiest ways to get in touch with us is via chat.  In those instances, you can use My Shaw to reach out to us via chat. Simply tap Chat in the menu bar and choose a subject area to begin a live chat session with an available Shaw Support Chat agent.

View Outage information

You can log in to My Shaw and see if there is a service outage affecting your account. If there is a service outage impacting your region, you may see an outage banner in your MyShaw app home screen.


My Shaw Web (w/ Outage Banner)

Mobile Outage banner App.png

My Shaw App (w/ Outage Notice)

Configure app and account preferences

Tap the menu icon and you will be able to configure preferences for your My Shaw app and Shaw account.

  • On an Apple device, tap the three dots (…) in the bottom right corner.
  • On an Android device, tap the three lines (☰) in the top left corner

Account settings include:

  • managing your Shaw IDs
  • managing your Shaw email accounts
  • managing Shaw Go Wifi Devices
  • managing and adding Shaw accounts

App settings include:

  • enabling and disabling notifications
  • configuring sign in preferences
  • signing out of the My Shaw app

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