When you’re subscribed to Disney+ through Shaw, you can check your subscription status and find other resources from My Shaw.



  1. Login to My Shaw.

  2. Navigate to Subscriptions.

    • In the My Shaw App, scroll down to Subscriptions and tap Manage Subscriptions.

    • In the My Shaw website, click My Services at the top and select Subscriptions.

  3. Information for your Disney+ subscription is shown:

    • Subscription status.

    • Promotion expiration date.

    • Pricing after promotion.

    • Subscription ID (can be provided to Disney+ Support if you require assistance with your Disney+ account).

    • Links to Shaw support and contact information.



Note: If you wish to cancel your Disney+ subscription while you're on a promotion through Shaw, please contact us. Once your promotion has ended, you can cancel, upgrade or downgrade your Disney+ subscription yourself in My Shaw or the My Shaw app.

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Find additional details about using Disney+ with us:

Did you know?

Your Disney+ account settings can be fully managed from the Disney+ website. Visit the Disney+ website and login to manage your account settings.

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