If you are looking to move your Shaw services to a new address:


  1. Visit our contact us page and chat with us about your move. We'll help to get your move set up right away. Take your Shaw services with you and avoid a disruption in your Internet, TV or home phone service.
  2. Before you chat in to book with us make sure you have:
    • Your new address.
    • Your moving dates. We can't book more than 40 days out.
    • Contact information of how we'll get hold of you during the move.
  3. Check out our Shaw Moving Checklist to make sure everything is in order for the big day.

Learn more

Find additional details by visiting Moving your Shaw services to a new address

Did you know?

To see if Shaw services are in your area, you can enter your address at Shaw.ca to see if your new area is serviceable. Check our full guide of serviceability.

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