DocuSign allows us to digitally send you documents which you can easily review and sign. When any agreements are signed via DocuSign, you'll get a copy for your records through your email.

Receiving a DocuSign Document

Agreements and other documents that are powered by DocuSign can be accessed via a link that will be sent to your email with a button  that says Review Document. To start reviewing your documents:

  1. Click Review Document to open the agreement in a browser window. 
  2. Click the checkbox to agree to use electronic records and signatures.
  3. Click Continue.

Review Document Email.png


Signing documents electronically

Once you have reviewed your documents, you will find the prompt for your signature. For most agreements this prompt will be on page 4. To sign:

  1. Click Sign (the yellow box next to Customer Signature).
  2. Click Next (or swipe) for a closer look at the Adopt your Signature window.
  3. Enter your Full Name and Initials.
  4. Click Adopt and Sign.
  5. Click Finish at the top right after the document has been fully reviewed and signed.
  6. Click Continue in the You're Done Signing window.
    • In this window you can also download or print the agreement for your records. A copy will be emailed to you after signing.


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