The Service Updates & Outages section of Shaw Support has the latest announcements, outage alerts, and maintenance alerts. To receive notifications for updates and outages in your area, you can subscribe to posts specific to your region.

Find updates and outages for your region

Visit Service Updates & Outages and select the region you're located in. Once your region is selected, the page shows a list of the most recent updates for that area.

  • Updates are arranged with the newest at the top.
  • The type of update, title, and a brief description and shown.
  • You can select an update from the list to see more information about it.

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You may also directly view your region's service updates and outages here:


Learn more: Planning a Residential or Commercial dig? Please use our DigShaw services to prevent a potential outage as a result of digging up an underground Shaw cable.

Subscribe and receive notifications

Note: You must be signed in to Shaw Support to subscribe to updates.

To subscribe to Service Outages and Updates:

  1. Sign in to Shaw Support
  2. Navigate to your region
  3. Click the blue button that says "Subscribe to ..."

You'll see the blue button will turn white and show that you are subscribed to the region, and you're all set! Expect notifications in your email inbox as new alerts are posted.

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Manage subscriptions and email preferences

You can manage your active subscriptions and notification preferences from your settings page on Shaw Support.

  1. Select your profile image from the top-right and choose My settings.
  2. From the My settings page, select Subscriptions and notifications.
    • On a mobile device, you may have to tap the arrow icon to see all the available options.
  3. Choose My subscriptions to manage your subscriptions.
  4. Choose Notification Settings to manage email notification settings and more.
    • Notifications are turned on by default.


To unsubscribe from notifications for a single outage region you can navigate to that region's page and click the "Subscribed to ..." button. If you are receiving notifications for all regions, simply click the "..." button on the top right of any regions page and click Unsubscribe.

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