If you find that you're unable to make changes through My Shaw, this may be the result of the status of your account.

Account Status Impacting My Shaw

If your account is overdue, your My Shaw page will display a banner alerting you to the fact, and providing a link to allow you to make a payment. The My Shaw home page will indicate the outstanding balance on your account, and the date of your last invoice. Your My Profile features will still be accessible.


                                                                         My Shaw features disbaled message (legacy)

If your account continues to be overdue, your My Shaw page will display a banner stating that "Some features have been disabled because your account is overdue", and the options on your My Profile page will not be accessible. This banner, and the My Shaw home page, will provide you with a link that you can use to make a payment in order to bring your account up to date.


Visit the My Bills page within My Shaw to make a secure payment with your credit card, and full access will be restored after you sign out of and then back into My Shaw.

If you require further assistance, please contact us.

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