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Scammers tv websites

Just want Report a Scam running in local community.. offer all Services in $100 Year here is website link i dnt think this business registered Read more

Internet fees

I just got a call from Telus offering a huge discount for two years on home Internet. It is literally half of what I’m paying with Shaw. It is a Black Friday sale. It does not appear that Shaw is offering any discounts to their customers?? Read more

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final bill payment

I have a final bill to pay to Shaw for $18.23. When I go onto the MY SHAW acct it is not allowing me to pay the bill. How can I pay the final bill? Debbie moderator edit to remove personal information Read more


We have our regular monthly billing for Cable and Internet Service. Several months ago we added some TV channels which generated an addition monthly bill of $11.20. Rather than the amount being added to our existing account billing and paid through t... Read more

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