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I would like to know why my bill is so high, I have gone from paying $156.00 a month to now $200.50 as of today. I realize that I witched from what they called Gateway because I wanted to get a PVR Box so I could record a program if I was away. A few... Read more

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Package Bundles Prices..?

I'm a few months over my 2 year contract and I'm blown away at the price of the bundles. I thought there might be a summer deal, back to school deal. Nothing. I can't find anything reasonable online except these outrageous packages @shaw. Has anyone ... Read more

I guess they have no empathy

My mom passed away and I called because our bill is too high without her. I don't use the TV but do use the internet and home phone. Turns out I can't cancel the TV without paying 400 bucks for a cancelation fee and I also can't afford the high bill.... Read more

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