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Static on Hold

Hey, I got lots of Shaw Services, and I'm really happy with all of them, but what's with your Music on Hold? Every time I'm on Hold waiting for the next CSR the music starts playing and then after a while the worst 'static' you can imagine drowns out... Read more

Down time

AS your records will show, during the month of May alone, we were out of service for over 10 days because of a faulty line serving our home. This has been going on for years, not this May alone. They have now run a temporary line over to our neighbor... Read more

Customer Loyalty Dept calling?

Last week I received a call from 8337931026 and the caller identified they were from the Shaw Customer Loyalty Dept. and they were calling as my 2 year contract is soon to expire. After a long spiel I asked the agent to email me the offer. After a we... Read more

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