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Billing is ridiculous!

I am so frustrated with shaw. I have been a customer for at least 12 years now (and years before that). I constantly feel like my service is overpriced and, yes I understand that everything costs more in time, why can I go through the hassle of jumpi... Read more

BAD review to Wrong assistant how can I UNDO?

I am typing for my grandfather who was on auto pay and his visa card changed, for two months he has been late. I began a 10:10 am with agent saurav wqp4 he began with asking for name, ph acct address postal code pin my grandfather doesn't type. I fin... Read more

fingerprint sign on doesn't work

trouble with MY Shaw app, fingerprint sign on does nothing, going to the manual it uses old info and I can't change so MY App is useless. How do I recover it so it works with fingerprint sign on and I now want to change the email sign on, and passwor... Read more

billinbg discrepency

Hi there,Nov 2019 i signed up for a 2 year promo. it was at a kiosk in polo park in winnipeg. the guy was named Mo Fazian or Mo Faizan, (an independant shaw rep i guess). The deal was to be home phone, Blue curve tv with all the channels and crave as... Read more

How can I get customer service?

I have spent 4 hours over 2 calls to customer service today. I have still not been able to reach a customer service representative. I do not want to call again and waste more of my time and tie up my phone line. It seems incredible that service could... Read more

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