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Learn how to use Shaw Support to troubleshoot various issues from email setup to billing inquiries. We’re excited to welcome you to a community of people looking to help each other solve issues, ask questions, swap tips and give advice regarding Shaw products and services. We encourage you to visit often to:

    • Explore our resources and guides
    • Participate in community discussions
    • Post comments and questions related to our products and services
    • Have ongoing conversations

    This article will provide insight into:


      Community House Rules

      While we have Moderators comprised of Shaw experts, these forums are intended to be a platform for peer-to-peer communication that is friendly with useful information about Shaw-related topics. There are a few housekeeping rules that we want to share to ensure we can all participate in positive and constructive discussions. At the end of the day, we want you to feel safe and comfortable in sharing your thoughts

        • Any posts that are deemed to be offensive, inappropriate, obscene or otherwise unwelcoming will be removed to preserve a healthy online community environment.
        • We are all responsible for cultivating a positive and respectful community by being courteous and friendly with one another.
        • We encourage honesty and transparency, but let’s all stay away from any sort of inflammatory language. If you feel as though you are being censored and sufficient explanation was not given, do not hesitate to ask a moderator why the content was removed or edited. Politely.
        • Threads created with the appearance to incite anger or negative reactions will be closely monitored and subject to editing or removal. If you have a complaint or concern, please take the time to phrase it in a constructive manner.
        • Posting any misleading or incorrect information will be subject to deletion.
        • Please do not create duplicate threads or repetitively post the same message. We understand it can be frustrating when you have an issue, but we want to ensure the Community is easily searchable for support content and not cluttered with duplicate posts.
        • If you want to send us a cool video, photo or audio, please make sure that no one else owns the rights to the content.
        • Your privacy is also extremely important to us so please do not post any personal information (e.g. Shaw Account Number, Credit Card Information, passwords etc.) publicly.
        • If someone answers your question correctly please let other members know by clicking the 'Accept as Solution' button under their reply.


        Legal Stuff

          • Comments found in the community do not necessarily represent the opinions of Shaw Communications or its affiliates, but rather only to their respective contributors.
          • Shaw Communications is not responsible for, and disclaims any and all liability to the fullest extent permitted by law for, the content of comments written by contributors to this page.
          • The moderators reserve the right to edit, move, lock or delete any message we deem inappropriate or disruptive to the forum and ban any user at our sole discretion.
          • Please also see our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

          Thanks again and we hope you enjoy your experience with the Shaw Support Community.


          Additional Help and Support

          Looking for additional help or support? Visit the Help section.

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