Removing and restoring the power supply to your Shaw phone modem could be all it takes to restore your phone service. Follow these steps to reboot your Shaw Digital Phone Terminal (DPT) or your Shaw BlueCurve Gateway.

Locating your DPT

The location of your DPT is often found near your electrical panel, or in your basement rafters. The DPT could be black or dark blue with green lights on it (see images below). If you are living in an apartment, the DPT could also be in your bedroom or living room.

Note: It may be necessary to remove and lift the phone modem from the bracket it's attached to by pressing the clip on the back to release.

Reset your DPT

Use these images to identify which Shaw home phone terminal you have.


Follow these steps to reboot a Shaw Digital Phone Terminal (DPT).

  1. Once you have located and identified your DPT, disconnect the black power cable from the back of the device.
    • The Motorola SBV 5120  and SBV 5220 both use a power cable with a clip located on the side of the plug. Please depress this clip to release the plug from its connector. Once the power cable has been disconnected, all of the lights on the front of the DPT should be off.
  2. Remove the battery from the bottom of the DPT. Please see Removing the Battery from your DPT for details on how to do this.
    • This step applies only to the Motorola SBV 5220, Arris TM502 and Arris TM602 models. The Motorola SBV 5120's battery is external and part of the power supply.
  3. Wait thirty seconds before restoring power to the DPT by reconnecting the power cable to its original connection on the back of the DPT.
  4. Wait two to three minutes for the TEL1 and TEL2 lights to start flashing simultaneously before testing the dial tone on your phones. If your phone service is still unavailable after an additional five minutes, please Contact Us

Reset your BlueCurve Gateway

If you do not have a Digital Phone Terminal for your home phone, you may be using a BlueCurve Gateway for all of your services. To confirm, look for a phone cord that is plugged directly into the BlueCurve Gateway.

If your BlueCurve Gateway is offline the light on top will either be off, flashing, or a colour other than white. Removing and reattaching the power cord could fix this problem.

Note: Performing the following steps to the Gateway will cause a loss of phone, Internet, and IPTV services for approximately 10 minutes.

BlueCurve Gateway.png

Follow these steps to reset your BlueCurve Gateway by disconnecting the power supply:

  1. Once you have located and identified your BlueCurve Gateway, disconnect the black power cable from the back.
  2. Wait 10 seconds and then restore power to the BlueCurve Gateway by reconnecting the power cable.
  3. Allow up to 10 minutes for the light to go from alternating flashing amber/green to solid white to indicate it's ready. If your phone service is still unavailable after an additional five minutes, please Contact Us.
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