Star codes allow you to access additional features on your phone. Value-added features and star codes are available to Home Phone customers. The exact availability of these features depends on which Home Phone package you are currently subscribed to. To see which features come with your phone package, please visit Home Phone Plans.

List of Star Codes/value-added features

Here is a list of the Star codes and value-added features that are available to Home Phone customers.

Feature Description Star Code
Anonymous Call Blocking

Allows you to block unidentified calls (No call display information)

(See note below for blocking restrictions)

*77 (for Activation)

(for Deactivation)

Shaw to Shaw Calling Residential Shaw Home Phone Lite, Shaw Home Phone Basic customers, Shaw Business Phone, Business Phone Plus will not be charged for long distance calls made to any other Home Phone customers (with any service level) Automatically available
3 Way Calling

Also known as conference calling, this feature allows you to invite a second party into your phone call so that you can speak to two people simultaneously

Steps for 3 Way Calling:
1. Call first phone number and wait for the party to answer
2. Press the Link/Flash button on your phone
3. Dial second phone number
4. When the second party answers, press the Link/Flash button again to begin your 3-way call

Long distance charges may apply.

Simultaneous Ring

Ring your home phone and up to 4 other phones of your choice, to enable/disable login to My Shaw > Select Phone > Forwarding > click Change Simultaneous Ring


My Account > Phone > Forwarding > Change Simultaneous Ring
Call Trace Causes a call to be traced for future reference. Only to be used for legal action *57
Selective Call Blocking Lets you enter up to 31 specific numbers from which you do not want to receive calls.Anyone trying to call your phone from a number you have blocked will hear a recording advising them you are not accepting calls from their number.
Activate by dialing *60 and press 3. Press # and enter the 10 digit phone number you do not wish to receive calls from, then press #

  • To block the number from the last call you received, dial *60 and press #, 0, 1, #
  • To remove a previously blocked number, dial *60 and press *, enter the phone number to be unblocked, and press *.
  • To remove all numbers from the blocked list, dial *60 and press *, 0, 8, *.
  • To deactivate, dial *60 and press 3


(See note below for blocking restrictions)

Busy Redial Getting a busy tone? Let the Network monitor the line and call you back as soon as the line you're calling is available

*66 (for Activation)

(for Deactivation)

Call Display Blocking Prevents your name and phone number from being displayed when you make a call

Private Number and Private Name will be displayed instead of your name and number. This feature is activated on a per-call basis
Call Return Announcement Lets you dial the last number that called you, even if you didn't answer the call *69
Disable Call Waiting for 1 call   *70
Forwarding Calls Directly to VM  

*72 then *98
(for Activation)

(for Deactivation)

Call Forwarding Redirects your incoming calls to another phone number Long distance charges may apply to the number selected for the redirect.

*72 then the phone number (in-depth guide below)

(for Deactivation)

Display "Name" and "Number" for a Non-Published telephone number If you have your home phone number set as non-published (does not display any call information) this option allows them to display their name and number on the receiving ends Caller ID. (per-call basis) *82
Voice Mail Access To turn Message Waiting Indicator 
• Enter your voicemail password.
• Select Option 3 to change your Personal Options
• Select Option 8 for Message Waiting Indicator

Change the number of rings before Voicemail answers Select from 2 to 9 as the number of rings. *94
(available to residential plans only)
Do Not Disturb

When this feature is enabled, you phone line will not receive any incoming calls nor will any incoming calls reach your voicemail


Callers will hear a message explaining that you are not accepting calls at this time

Feature can be enabled/disabled via My Shaw. Please visit My Shaw Home Phone features for more details

Did you know? International long-distance numbers exceeding 10 digits in length cannot be blocked. In addition, 1-800 numbers (including 888,877, etc) cannot be blocked.

Call Forwarding

Here is some additional information on how to enable/disable Call Forwarding.

How to activate Call Forwarding
To Activate Call Forwarding:

  1. Wait for dial tone
  2. Dial *72 and you will hear a stuttered tone
  3. Once the dial tone returns to normal, dial the number to which you would like to forward your calls. When the number rings, you have two options:
    • Answer the call to the selected number to confirm the forward (e.g. cell phones)
    • If the line is busy, or there is no answer, hang up and repeat the above steps

To disable Call Forwarding:

  1. Wait for dial tone
  2. dial *73
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