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Home Phone Articles

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Get all the information you need to know about your Shaw Home Phone. From equipment guides, to setting up voicemail, and even how to make the most of our international calling rates and plans.

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Next Generation 9-1-1 FAQs

Learn the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG911). For any feedback, please visit Your Voice. Next Generation 9-1-1 FAQs What is Next Generation 9-1-1?Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG911) is a project launched by t... Read more

Home Phone Voicemail FAQs

Learn more about Home Phone Voicemail service with our Frequently Asked Questions. Use these tips to set up and optimize your Voicemail experience on your Home Phone. Frequently Asked Questions What is Voicemail?Voicemail is an answering service that... Read more

How to reset your Home Phone

Removing and restoring the power supply to your phone modem could be all it takes to restore your phone service. Follow these steps to reboot your Digital Phone Terminal (DPT) or your Ignite WiFi Gateway (formerly known as Fibre+ Gateway). Locating y... Read more

How To: Use spam call blocking

Spam call blocking helps to filter out unwanted calls made to your home phone. With this feature activated, we'll automatically detect and block suspicious calls, including those from unregistered telemarketers. Spam call blocking is an opt-in featur... Read more

How to reset my Home Phone using a pinhole reset

If you have a Digital Home Phone Terminal (DPT) and are having issues with the phone and need to reset the phone: Solution Locate your Digital Phone Terminal (either a Motorola SBV5220 or an Arris TM602) Locate the small hole labelled "REBOOT EMTA" o... Read more

Home Phone FAQs

Home Phone FAQs Home Phone Troubleshooting FAQs Learn about home phone services and how to fix common home phone issues from setting up your voicemail to dealing with no dial tones with our home phone frequently asked questions. You can view past bil... Read more

Hardware Information - Arris TM502 Phone Terminal

Your Home Phone service is delivered to your home through a Digital Phone Terminal (DPT). On this page, you will find information that will help familiarize you with your Arris TM502. Note: While we have provided the following support information, we... Read more

How to reset an Arris TM502 Digital Phone Terminal

Learn how to reset an Arris TM502 Digital Phone Terminal (DPT). If you find that you have no dial tone on your home phones, you may be able to restore your phone service with a simple reset of your Digital Phone Terminal. This guide refers directly t... Read more

How to Power Cycle your Shaw equipment

This guide will provide instructions for rebooting (power cycling) your Digital Boxes, Arris Gateway, Modems and Digital Phone Terminals. A power cycle is a basic troubleshooting step to try if a service isn't working as it should. When a piece of eq... Read more