Learn how to access and edit voicemail messages by using specific key codes before, during and after playback. A key code is a button or series of buttons that you enter into your phone to check or edit voicemail messages. You can use voicemail key codes to save and delete messages or to replay or skip voicemail messages.


Did You Know

You can listen to Voicemail messages in a variety of ways including while you are at home and while you are away.

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Voicemail key codes

Here is a list of the different key codes that you can use to navigate your Home Phone Voicemail system. Note that some key codes have a different function before and during the playback of voicemail messages and different functions after the playback of your voicemail messages.

Before/During Playback After Playback
Press 0 for help Press 0 for help
Press 1 to hear the previous message Press 5 to hear the date and time stamp
Press 11 to fast forward Press 6 to forward this message
Press 2 to go to the next message Press 7 to delete this message
Press 33 to rewind this message Press 9 to save this message
Press 4 to replay the message Press * to cancel the message playback and return to the main menu
Press 7 to delete the message  
Press 9 to save this message  
Press * to skip all messages  

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