An email (electronic mail) is a type of message sent from one person to another, using the Internet. They are the modern equivalent of paper letters sent through the postal service, with the advantages of instant delivery and not requiring a stamp. Emails can include text, links to websites, and attachments like images, videos, and documents. Below, you'll find answers to common questions people have about email.


How do I send an email?

To send email, you will need:

  • An email address. Shaw provides customers with up to 10 email address (eg. Learn how to create an email address.
  • The email address of your recipient. Ask friends and family members for theirs. Businesses will often list an email address on their websites.
  • A email app to send and receive email messages. You can use a email app like Gmail or Outlook, or you can send and receive email using Shaw Webmail.

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Where are emails stored?

When an email is sent to your Shaw email address, it is received by the Shaw incoming mail server and placed in your mailbox. When you use a email app or Shaw Webmail, the contents of your mailbox are retrieved for you to read.

Your Shaw mailbox has a size limit of 1 GB (1024 MB). If you reach your limit, your mailbox will refuse new incoming messages. 

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How do attachments work?

Attachments are files like pictures, videos, and documents that can be sent with an email. Email attachments typically have an upper size limit of 20 MB, but limits do vary. Files that exceed your recipient's size limit may be returned to you as undeliverable. Large files can take longer to send and receive.

Common file sizes:

  • MP3 song: 4 MB
  • Mobile Phone Photo: 2-5 MB
  • Digital Camera Photo: 6-8 MB

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What is an email header?

Email headers, usually hidden from view at the top of an email in your email app, contain routing information like the sender, recipient, date, and subject. If you encounter difficulties with your email, you might be asked by a Shaw customer service to share an email header.

To view this information:

  • Open your Inbox.
  • Right-click on any email and select Show Original.

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What is spam?

“Spam” is the name given to unsolicited (usually commercial) email messages sent in bulk — much like the junk mail you receive through the postal service.

Shaw uses powerful spam filters to shield customers from these unwanted messages, without blocking legitimate mail. Recent government legislation allowing Canadians to opt out of receiving spam email (similar to a Do Not Call list) has reduced the volume by as much as 29%.

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