The vulnerability scanner feature in McAfee Internet Security manages your computer's updates so that you no longer have to wait to be notified when a program update is available. Updates will be automatically found and offered by McAfee Internet Security.

How it works

In computer security, a “vulnerability” is a weakness that allows an attacker to reduce a computer's security level. When vulnerabilities are discovered by a software developer, they are fixed as soon as possible with software updates. Installing the latest updates — or enabling automatic updates — can help keep your computer secure.

The McAfee Vulnerability Scanner will:

  • scan your computer for apps with available updates
  • let you select the updates you want to install
  • tell you about updates you need to install manually


Using the scanner

  1. Open McAfee Internet Security on your computer.
  2. Click PC, Home Network Tools, and then Vulnerability Scanner.
  3. Click Scan.

When the scan is complete the software will give the opportunity to install the available updates that have been found. Updates will be marked as either "Critical" or "Recommended". You can schedule vulnerability scans to run periodically. By default, the scan will run once every week.

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