Rogers WiFi Hotspots (formerly known as Shaw Go WiFi) is Canada’s largest WiFi network which provides access for Shaw Internet and Shaw Mobile customers. Stay connected no matter where you are with access to hundreds of thousands of Rogers WiFi Hotspots.

The Shaw Go WiFi Finder App for iOS and Android will help you find Rogers WiFi Hotspots nearest to you. Find the Shaw Go WiFi Finder App (Apple App Store | Google Play Store). 

How to download the app

The Shaw Go WiFi Finder App is available to download for free from your respective app store.


How to find a Rogers WiFi Hotspot

To find hotspots in your area:Mobile Hotspots.png

  1. Open the Shaw Go WiFi Finder App.
  2. Browse hotspots as pins on the map.
  3. Tap the arrow icon at the top left to centre the map on your current location.
  4. Tap a pin for information about the hotspot or all hotspots in a cluster.
  5. Tap a hotspot's name for directions to the hotspot and more details:
    • The WiFi's Hotspot address.
    • Distance from your current location.
    • Information about the location including contact details.

How to register a device

You'll need to register a device before you can connect it to the Rogers WiFi Hotspots. Once registered, devices will automatically connect to the network anytime you enter a Rogers WiFi Hotspot.

To register a device within the app:

  1. Open the Shaw Go WiFi Finder App.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click Register This Device.
  4. Enter your Shaw ID and password.
  5. Enter a device name.
  6. Click to accept the terms of use.
  7. Click Register This Device.

If you received a Rogers WiFi Hotspots access code in an email from Shaw, enter that instead of your Shaw ID and password

Shaw Go WiFi Finder App settings

In the Settings tab you can:

  • Register your device for Rogers WiFi Hotspots.
  • Switch between Imperial (miles and yards) and Metric (kilometres and metres) measurement units.
  • Switch between default, satellite, and hybrid map types.
  • Opt-in to sharing anonymous usage information.

For answers to frequently asked questions about the Shaw Go WiFi Finder App, read FAQ: Shaw Go WiFi Finder App.

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