You can use Shaw Webmail to send and receive email from any web browser. With preferences, you can edit your account settings, filters, spam settings, email signature, and notification settings. You can also manage your contacts and calendars, and set up an auto-reply message.

General Preferences

Shaw Webmail Preferences from Top Nav

Under General in the right-hand menu, you can set preferences for your sign-in client, font and font sizes, time zone and language, and the folders to include in searches.

Account Preferences

Shaw Webmail account preferencesYou can manage your primary account settings by clicking Preferences, then Accounts.  Within your Account preferences, you can set what you want to appear in the From field of your email messages.


Mail Preferences

To access Mail preferences in Shaw Webmail:

Open your mail composition settings by clicking Preferences and then Mail.  You can set how emails are composed, spellcheck, read receipts, spam mail options, and more within your Mail preferences.


 One of the most powerful features in your preferences menu is the ability to create flexible filters. Filters can automatically move emails to a folder, delete unwanted messages, and help increase productivity by highlighting your most important mail.

Learn moreAbout: Shaw Webmail's email filters and spam settings 

Looking to update your signature at the bottom of your sent mail? Use the signature tab to generate a new signature. For more custom signatures that include images and formatting, select Format as HTML from the top right.


Out of Office Settings

You can manage your Out of Office settings by clicking Preferences and then Out of Office. Toggle your Out of Office status on or off, enter an auto-reply message, and set a start and end date for your auto-reply to be active.
out of the office.png


To send an auto-reply message:

  1. Select Out of Office from the Preferences tab
  2. Click the toggle beside Send auto-reply message.
  3. Write the message you want to automatically send back to anybody who messages you
  4. Choose if you want this to only send between a start and end date.
    • Choose if you want the same dates to show in your calendar by clicking Calendar Appointment.

Calendar Preferences

To access Calendar preferences, click Preferences and then Calendar. You can configure your work week and hours, and how appointments are created.

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