McAfee WebAdvisor provides useful features that keep you safe while you search the web, like security checks, search, download, and password security protection. WebAdvisor is only available on PCs running Windows Vista or newer operating systems.

Access WebAdvisor

The location of WebAdvisor will depend on which browser you use.

  • Internet Explorer: WebAdvisor is in the Tools menu. Clicking it will open the options menu.
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  • Microsoft Edge: WebAdvisor is an Extension at the end of the address bar, next to Bookmarks.
  • Mozilla Firefox: WebAdvisor is an Add-on in the toolbar, to the right of the Firefox Menu button.
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  • Google Chrome: WebAdvisor is an Extension at the end of the address bar, next to Bookmarks.
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WebAdvisor features

WebAdvisor Security Check

WebAdvisor will check to see if you have Antivirus protection and a firewall enabled on your computer. If you don't, you will receive a message asking if you would like WebAdvisor to resolve the issue automatically. If that isn't possible, WebAdvisor will launch the Windows Security Center so you can directly enable your security settings.

Search Protection

Search Results will be listed with either a green checkmark, red X. or a grey question mark to give you quick information about the security of the page. Green means that the site is tested and secure. Red means the link is dangerous and may contain malicious links or downloadable materials. Grey means the link is not rated for security.

Surf Protection

If you navigate to a page that the WebAdvisor has discovered to be unsafe, your browser will load a page that gives you the option to either continue to the web page by clicking "Trust This Site", or to navigate away from it by clicking "Back."

Download Protection

Each time you download a file from the Internet, WebAdvisor will scan it during the download. If the download contains malicious content (like as a virus) you will be alerted and given the option to either block the download or accept the risk and download the file anyway. This feature is only supported by Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

Password Protection

When you log in to a service online, WebAdvisor verifies that the password you have entered has not been compromised by hackers. If the password has been compromised, you will receive a notification and a suggestion to create a new complex password.

WebAdvisor options

Changes within the WebAdvisor settings screen will affect all browsers where WebAdvisor is enabled. From the options menu you can:

  • add sites to always trust
  • enable/disable search result ratings
  • reset WebAdvisor to the default settings 

Uninstall WebAdvisor

WebAdvisor can be uninstalled without uninstalling the entire McAfee Security Center suite. In the Windows Control panel:

  1. Click Programs and Features. 
  2. Select McAfee WebAdvisor.
  3. Click Uninstall.

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