WiFi is the heartbeat of the modern home. That's why we are committed to providing Ignite Internet customers with a fast, reliable, and secure WiFi connection. Whether you’re working or completing schoolwork from home, or just trying to kick back and relax with your favorite streaming programs or gaming; we’re here to ensure you’re consistently satisfied with your in-home WiFi experience.

What is WiFi Satisfaction Guarantee?

WiFi Satisfaction Guarantee is our commitment to delivering a reliable in-home WiFi experience, ensuring our customers have practical usability of their home WiFi network. WiFi Satisfaction Guarantee applies to all Residential Internet customers using our Ignite WiFi Gateway.

Get the most out of your connection with the Ignite WiFi Gateway

The Ignite WiFi Gateway makes use of the latest Internet technology available. Capable of ultra-fast connection speeds and superior WiFi coverage throughout the home, with features like WiFi 6, Smart Mesh WiFi, and Ignite WiFi Pods (optional), your home is ready to get the most out of the smart devices of today and in the future.

Speeds over 1.5Gbps available when wired directly to Ignite WiFi Gateway (WiFi speeds vary based on device capability).

Ignite WiFi Pods work together with the Ignite WiFi Gateway to extend the range of your WiFi signal, if needed.

A WiFi network as unique as you are

All Ignite Internet plans provide access to the Ignite HomeConnect App which can be used for everything from first time setup, customizing your WiFi network with a unique name & password, creating individual profiles for everyone in the home to see who’s online, temporarily pause devices and if needed, find helpful tips and tricks to get the most out of your connection.

A health check-up, for your home Internet

Another great feature of the Ignite HomeConnect App is Internet Health Check. By testing the speed and stability of the WiFi connection throughout the home and to individual devices, Internet Health Check provides a scorecard of what type of activities are suitable and will recommend any potential areas for improvement.

Learn more: How To: Check Internet Health with the Ignite HomeConnect App

Customer support

Part of our commitment to customers includes proactive 24/7 monitoring of our network to ensure we stay ahead of issues and to keep you connected. You can expect to receive proactive notifications regarding any planned maintenance with the option to subscribe to local outage notifications.

Visit How To: Subscribe to Service Updates and Outage notifications to learn more.

This means more time online doing the things you love and in the event there is a disruption, all efforts are made to provide updates as our support teams work to resolve the challenge. 

Did you know: We offer both live support and self help options. Visit https://www.shaw.ca/contact-us for support options.

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