WiFi (also known as Wireless Internet) is a technology that makes it possible for devices to connect to the Internet wirelessly. Your Shaw modem acts as a wireless hub, making WiFi available in your home.


What is WiFi?

WiFi allows your device (i.e. laptop) to be connected to the internet without requiring to be plugged in while you surf the Web. WiFi uses a device called a wireless router to spread the wireless Internet signal throughout your home or office so that you can connect to it with your devices.  

To use WiFi, your device needs to be WiFi capable. Most laptops, smartphones, tablets, e-readers, and other devices you might take outside of the house are WiFi-ready by default. Desktop computers are often not set up to connect to WiFi by default.

What is Shaw Go WiFi?

Shaw Go WiFi provides you with a Shaw Internet experience beyond the home. As a Shaw Internet customer, you can access a huge network of super-fast WiFi locations all over your city for no additional cost. So you can stay connected, whether you're sipping a latte, waiting for a train, or even working out at the gym.  More about Shaw Go WiFi.

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How WiFi works

For WiFi to work a wireless router is required. A wireless router is a device that broadcasts the WiFi signal in your household. The router that Shaw provides is often referred to as a wireless modem because it functions as both a modem (the device that processes your Internet signal).

WiFi interference occurs in every home, to a varying degree, and is the result of your WiFi signal being weakened or interrupted by other signals and physical obstructions. To learn more, read About: WiFi interference and How To: Troubleshoot your WiFi connection

WiFi Internet speeds will not be the same as the speeds you can achieve with a wired connection. Speeds can be slowed further by interference, distance between devices and wireless modem, and the number of WiFi connections active in your household.

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