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Bedtime Mode

What is Bedtime Mode and how does it work?

Bedtime Mode allows you to automatically pause WiFi access over your home network during scheduled times for all devices assigned to a profile. To set Bedtime Mode, select a profile, and then Edit next to Bedtime Mode. Select the desired nights and sleep and wake times for all devices assigned to that profile.

If any device assigned to that profile attempts to access a website, an app or service outside a web browser (e.g., mobile email app) during a scheduled Bedtime Mode, the user will see the device's default message that the website cannot be reached or that it is not connected to the Internet.


How can I set Bedtime Mode for a single device?
If you have a single device you'd like to set Bedtime Mode for, first assign it to a profile. Once assigned, select that Profile, and then Edit next to Bedtime Mode.

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