Find frequently asked questions about how to monitor network activity in Ignite HomeConnect.

Monitoring Network Activity FAQs

Learn more about monitoring network activity in Ignite HomeConnect with these frequently asked questions.

What do the Most Active Profiles and Home Network Activity graphs represent?
The graphs are visual representations of the data usage activity on your home network. The graphs on the Overview page show data usage activity for all profiles on you home network over the past 24 hours, and activity across all devices on your home network for the past 24 hours.

The graphs under individual devices and profiles show data usage activity over the past 24 hours and the past 30 days.

What specific activity is represented in the activity graphs?
The activity graphs are designed to give you a general sense of data usage on your home network only. In most cases, it represents some but not all of the usage data you can see in My Shaw.

How can I check network activity in Ignite HomeConnect?
To learn how to check your network activity visit: How to check your network activity with Ignite HomeConnect

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