Find frequently asked questions about notifications work in BlueCurve Home.

Notifications FAQs

Learn more about how notifications work in BlueCurve Home with these frequently asked questions.

What is the difference between Network Access and Network Activity notifications?
Network Access notifications alert you when there is a change in WiFi settings regarding access to your home network, including WiFi name/password change, hidden/unhidden WiFi name, WiFi security set to open, a network IP address change, or when there is a factory reset of your BlueCurve Gateway.

Network Activity notifications alert you when a device joins your home network for the first time, or when a profile is nearing the end of an active time limit.

Why did I receive a notification that a device could be streaming better?
If you connect a streaming device (e.g. gaming console or video streaming box), and we see that the WiFi connection could be better, you may receive a notification alerting you and providing tips on how you can improve this. You'll only receive this notification once, and you must have Network Activity notifications turned on.

Note: If you have BlueCurve Pods on your account, this notification is not currently available.

How can I view notifications in BlueCurve Home?

To learn more, visit: How to view and manage notifications in BlueCurve Home 

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