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What is the difference between Network Access and Network Activity notifications?
Network Access notifications alert you when there is a change in WiFi settings regarding access to your home network, including: WiFi name/password change, hidden/unhidden WiFi name, WiFi security set to open, a network IP address change or when there is a factory reset of your BlueCurve Gateway.

Network Activity notifications alert you when a device joins your home network for the first time, or when a profile is nearing the end of an active time limit.


Why did I receive a notification that a device could be streaming better?
If you connect a streaming device (e.g. gaming console or video streaming box), and we see that the WiFi connection could be better, you may receive a notification alerting you and providing tips on how you can improve this. You'll only receive this notification once, and you must have Network Activity notifications turned on.


Note: If you have BlueCurve Pods on your account, this notification is not currently available.

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