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Learn more about how Profiles work in Ignite HomeConnect with these frequently asked questions.

How do Profiles work in Ignite HomeConnect?
Profiles allow you to group devices together to easily manage and personalize your home network. Features like Parental Controls and Bedtime Mode can be applied to all devices in a profile at once.

What are the 'Guest' and 'Household' profiles?
For your convenience, we've created two profiles to help you get started. The 'Household' profile is intended for smart home devices used by all family members such as a thermostat, security system and door locks. The 'Guest' profile is intended for visitors' devices that you'd like to keep track of. These profiles cannot be deleted. 

  • Note: These profiles won't appear in the People section unless there are devices assigned to them.

How do I remove an assigned device from a profile?
Once a device has been assigned to a profile, you can either reassign it to another profile or remove it altogether using the 'Forget Device' function described above.

How do I reassign a device from one profile to another?
To reassign a device, select the device name, and then Edit under Preferences, and choose a new profile to assign the device to.

Why isn’t one or more of my profile features (profile pause, scheduled pause, active time limits, parental controls) working on my iPhone or iPad in a profile?
When you have a duplicate device, you’ll want to remove the original device from Ignite HomeConnect, and keep the duplicate device – making sure that the duplicate is named the way you want, and assigned to a user profile, so that all of your profile features work again.

How do I check for duplicate devices?
Check your profile to see if there are any disconnected iOS devices that should be connected.

If you find one, look for a duplicate of this device under Devices, in the Connect tab.

If I have a duplicate device, how do I make sure I have only one active device in Ignite HomeConnect
You will need to remove the original version of the device and leave the newer version. Click here for more information on removing and adding devices in the Ignite HomeConnect App.

What do the different indicators for profiles mean?
A pause symbol on a profile icon indicates that all devices assigned to the profile are currently paused. A crescent moon symbol indicates the profile is currently in Bedtime Mode.

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