Follow these steps if you are experiencing Internet connectivity issues and would like to perform a factory reset of your Internet modem to restore your WiFi modem to default settings.


  1. Locate the small pin-hole reset button located on the back of the Shaw WiFi Modem.
  2. Push and hold this button down for 15 seconds with a paper clip or pen. This will cause the modem lights to begin to flash and after a few moments, the modem will come back online.
  3. Once available to your device, reconnect to your WiFi network and test to see if the connectivity issues are still present.

Learn more

Find additional details by visiting Troubleshooting WiFi Connectivity.

Did you know?

Performing a factory reset will restore your WiFi Modem to default settings. This means that if you manually customized your WiFi password or network name, those customizations will be reset to the default settings.

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