Shaw Speedtest is a website you can use to measure the speed of your Internet connection. To run a Shaw Speedtest:

  1. Stand 10 feet and within line of sight to your modem with a device connected to your WiFi network's 5G band (BlueCurve Gateway customers won’t see their network split into two bands due to a feature called band steering), or connect a device directly to your modem with an Ethernet cable.
  2. Use a web browser on the device to visit
  3. Click or tap Go.
  4. Wait to view your Download and Upload speeds.  Note your Download and Upload speeds.

Note: For the most accurate results, run the speed test on one device at a time. Test speed using a device connected directly to your modem, if possible, and disconnect from virtual private networks (VPN) services first.

For Fibre+ Gig 1.5: You will need two hardwired devices capable of 1 gigabit or higher to get a total of 1500 Mbps with speed tests. Click here to learn more about running speed tests on Fibre+ Gig 1.5.

If you would like to learn more about running a speed test, you can visit How To: Run an Internet Speed Test

Shaw Speedtest WebsiteShaw Speedtest Website


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