This article will help you connect and set up your Shaw WiFi modem with a third-party networking device like a router. This configuration is called "Bridged Mode". If you would prefer to use your modem's integrated wireless router, read How To: Connect other Shaw modems.

What is Bridge Mode?

If you prefer to use a third-party router in addition to your Shaw modem, Bridge Mode can solve complications with your Internet service.

In a typical Shaw home network, you are provided with a single public IP address by Shaw. This address is assigned to your wireless modem, which acts as a router to allow wireless connections. Your modem assigns its own IP addresses to the computers and devices connected to it. All of your home computers and devices share a single IP address while accessing the Internet. "NAT" (Network Address Translation) is the process by which your modem manages the connectivity between the public Internet and your private network.

If you connect a third-party router to your modem, the modem will assign an IP address to that router, but that router will also assign its own IP addresses to the computers and devices that connect to it — performing its own network address translation. This is called "Double NAT" and it means that a lot of Internet traffic will not be able to reach the computers and devices on your network because your modem will not be able to route it properly. Your data will arrive at the modem, but may then be discarded because it is addressed to an IP address that the modem does not recognize, since it was assigned by the router.

If you have a third-party router connected to your Shaw wireless modem, it is very likely to cause a problem with your Internet connection. If you would prefer to use your own router, rather than using the Shaw modem as a router, you can resolve the problem of Double NAT by putting your modem into Bridge Mode.

How to connect your modem to a third-party router

Follow these steps to connect your modem with a third-party router and update to Bridge Mode.

188677_router.jpgUpdate your modem to Bridge Mode:

Converting your modem to Bridge Mode for use with a third-party networking device like a router requires a system update by a Shaw agent. Use online chat support or contact us so we can help. Read the above section What Is Bridge Mode? for more information.

Connect the coaxial cable (TV cable):

Connect the coaxial cable to a wall outlet and to the Cable In port on your modem (marked "A" in the diagram to the left. Hand-tighten the connection.

Connect the power cord:

Connect the modem to a wall outlet using the included power cable (see "B" in the diagram to the left). It may take up to 20 minutes for your modem to register. You'll know that it's registered when the Online light stops flashing.

Connect To Your Router (or similar device):

Connect the included Ethernet cable from one of the available ports on the back of the modem to the Internet port on your 3rd party router (see C in the diagram to the left). With your modem online and connected to your router, you can now follow the specific setup and connection process for your 3rd party device. For more information, refer to the instructions included with your router (or other 3rd party device) or visit the device manufacturer's website.

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