Email spam is a common issue. Learn how to protect yourself from email spam with these resources.


Protecting yourself from email spam

Q: Who likes getting spam in their email?
A: No one!

According to data from Statista, email spam messages accounted for 59.56 percent of e-mail traffic worldwide.

The best way to protect yourself against Shaw email security issues is to be proactive in securing your account. This includes:

  • making sure that your Shaw email password cannot be easily guessed
  • ensuring sure that your email password meets or exceeds our email password requirements.

The following document outlines the best practices for creating or updating your Shaw email address password: Password Requirements for My Shaw and Email Accounts

Key indicators that your Shaw email account may have become insecure can include receiving high numbers of email bounce back messages, or if you are suddenly unable to sign in to your email account.

If you are experiencing these types of issues with your Shaw email account please see the following article for additional support: Troubleshooting common Shaw email issues.

Click here to learn: How to identify phishing or scam emails

Did You Know:

Through Webmail you are can adjust your spam mail options by clicking on Preferences > Selecting Spam > Choosing your preferred spam setting and clicking Save.

Learn More: Adjusting spam and other filter settings in Webmail

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